Magari Deals is a Kenyan Company registered under the Companies Act, 2015. 

Magari Deals provides a secure platform for the online trade of new and used motor vehicles in Kenya. We do this by connecting trusted Car Dealers and sellers in a way that is professional, safe, secure and easy. In so doing, we make the buying and selling of Motor Vehicles an easy business transaction. Day by day, we continue to build a brand that you can trust, enabling you to buy from our site in confidence.

Magari Deals lists vehicles from established & trusted car dealers. Our goal is to continue building trust in the online trade of new and used motor vehicles. All the cars listed on our website are LEGIT and Magari Deals guarantees you the transaction.


To be a market leader in the provision of a secure online platform that dealers, individuals & customers trust, enabling all to transact with confidence.


Building Trust in the online car trade by listing vehicles from VERIFIED Car Dealers. Providing detailed information of all vehicles on our site and facilitating the delivery of purchased vehicles to our customers' destinations.